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Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers have become an integral part of today's business, Worldlink Services Corp. is committed to providing quality and punctual service when it comes to your toll free number needs. Whether you are an individual, small company, or a large organization, we can help you find the right toll free number and provide you with the most optimal service.

Worldlink RespOrg Services
Worldlink is known as a Responsible Organization (or RespOrg).  We have been Certified by the 800 Service Management System (SMS/800).  As such, Worldlink can manage and administer a customer's toll free service record in SMS/800.

Transfer Toll Free Number(s)
We offer the ability to transfer your toll free number to our platform. You may transfer as many toll free numbers to us as you wish.

Toll Free Minute Plans
View our toll free minute plans and packages. Our rates are competitive to other toll free number providers. Sign up for service today!

SMS/800 Certified
Worldlink has staff that has gone through a rigorous training program to become Service Management System (SMS/800) Certified.  Our thoroughly trained Staff have the resources to manage all aspects of your toll free number requirements including, reservation, provisioning and routing within SMS/800.  Additionally, for clients with mission critical applications, Worldlink can route your toll free traffic to more than one destination and/or over duplicate Tier One Carriers to more your clients high uptime expectations.

Carrier Services
Worldlink Services Corp also offers toll free number carrier services for your new toll free numbers.  We have very competitive affordable rates for service on a highly reliable carrier platform.

Toll Free Number Backordering
Need a specific number? Let us know what it is and we shall do the research for you.  We will be able to determine when the desired number is becoming available that best serves your requirements. Our mechanized backordering service can search all 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844 prefixes to find the right number you are looking to acquire that is perfect for you.

Vanity Numbers
Toll Free Vanity Numbers are unique since these numbers are associated with a word. Take for example our contact number, 844-Worldlink. Each letter is associated with a number. These numbers are highly sought after as these are generally easier to remember than just a bunch of digits. See for yourself! Is 844-Worldlink easier to remember than 844-967-5354?

Non Vanity Numbers
Non Vanity Toll Free Numbers are numbers that have absolutely no vanity component to them at all which make them harder to remember. However, these numbers are still very valuable. These are numbers that have 0's and 1's in them.

Toll Free Number Services
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