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SMS/800 Certified

Worldlink has staff members that go through a rigorous training program to become SMS/800 Certified. Staff must be trained appropriately to handle the Service Management System (SMS/800) in order to have the resources to reserve and provision toll free numbers on behalf of their customers.

The SMS/800 system was created to provide for the implementation of toll free number portability which provides customers with the ability to switch toll free carriers.  SMS/800 is a centralized system that supports centralized toll-free service administration in North America.  It was authorized by the FCC and became effective May 1, 1993.  In January of 1994 Canada implemented toll free number portability and the SMS/800 system became linked to Canadian Network Management (Bell Canada) database system in Canada.

With the SMS/800 database containing all the toll free numbers, it's important to have a qualified representative handle your toll free number(s).

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