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SMS Text Messaging

There are many features that accompany our SMS Text Messaging program. These include the use of keywords, short codes, blasting, auto-responder, voting and polling and many more.

You see the fliers everywhere with something like the following: "Text (keyword) to (shortcode) for (offer)!" The most popular SMS Text Messaging feature, the keyword. It is as simple as creating a keyword on a short code assigned to you with the response you want it to send back. You can create them for text coupons, virtual business cards, or even deliver a picture in a response. Keyword marketing is the most popular form in today's business world!

See how it works now! Text "WorldLink" to 72727 For Updates!

Short Codes
Short codes are a series of digits just like in the above example, 72727. These are just like a phone number and each one does a specific thing depending on what it is setup to do.

Utilizing the blast feature, it allows for a user to select from databases of mobile phone numbers to either send a message right away or have it scheduled to be sent. These are generally short notifications to notify your clients of either a special or promotion, news, or an upcoming event.

After each message, it is important to include a phrase similar to "Reply with the word STOP to stop future messages" to allow for your clients to opt-out of receiving future messages from your company.

The auto-responder feature allows for the user to create a keyword and to schedule out future messages that automatically happen. This is dependent on the time and date that the keyword is associated with. If you schedule a coupon, have your clients receive the next coupon in 60 days after the first one expires, automatically!

Voting & Polling
Businesses love to receive feedback from their clientele. This feature allows the user to create a question and offer different choices for them to choose from. When the person receives the text, they will then respond with their choice and the system will then record their response for quick viewing of results later on.

Text To Win
Another great way to gain more opt-ins! Encourage your people to text-to-win and have a designated winner, such as the 13th winner, claim a prize! Advanced options are available.

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