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Mobile Coupons

Is your company looking to offer coupons on a mobile device while helping the environment? Mobile coupons can do just that. Mobile coupons have an extremely high open and read rate and even redemption rate which make them a very attractive business option!

Why A SMS Coupon?

Much of the US population does not have a smartphone with a data plan but most can receive a text message. Giving an offer within a text message has the greatest reach to customers. They also have the highest open rates, therefore offer the highest ROI (return on investment)!

There are also some advantages of text coupons:

  • No Repeat Hits - If someone has already received their coupon but try again, they will get a special message saying they cannot receive another coupon.
  • Receive Email Addresses - Capture your customers email address as well in order for them to receive your coupon
  • Quick & Easy - Develop text coupons quickly and easily and deploy them almost instantly

Smartphone Coupon Generation

If your businesses is seeking a more graphically pleasing coupon campaign, we have a solution for smartphone users too! Create your mobile coupon for a smartphone in four (4) easy steps:

  1. Upload coupon image
  2. Provide a promotion description
  3. Provide Terms and Conditions
  4. Place the address of your business and/or map

The client will then see a representation of the coupon and go to the place offering the coupon. Once they show the business representative, they will then redeem the coupon so future redemptions cannot happen.

Coupon redemptions are also tracked.


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